Why are led three lights so popular?

Update:31 Jul 2019

With the rapid development of LED technology, LED lamps have become a trend to replace incandescent lamps. In our days, more and more LED lamps are used, and people's knowledge of LED lamps is becoming more and more clear, and LED lamps are becoming more and more popular. Why do LED lamps make customers so welcome?

   LED lamps are welcome and need to be said from the benefits of LED lamps:

   At the top of the list, LED lamps are very energy efficient. As we all know, because the LED light source itself has energy-saving effect, the LED lamp announces more power than the ordinary incandescent lamp, and can save you a lot of electricity. In addition to the benefits of high energy efficiency, the benefit of LED lights, the other is the color, the color of the LED lamps is relatively pure, soft and warm, no miscellaneous color, and the color is also diverse, suitable for various decoration Style needs.

   LED lamps use low voltage power supply. In terms of physics, it is safer than the high-voltage power supply. In the process of application, the voltage of a single bulb is between 2V and 4V, and the voltage is low, so it is safer to use for everyone, without worrying about the power supply of the lamp. Will bring damage.

   Third, the materials of LED lamps are all consolidated, and the selected light sources are all in solid form. Therefore, in the time of ***, LED lights will not appear stroboscopic. It is because of this particularity that LED lights can be used. Stand out in other lamps, occupy most of the lighting malls, and win customers' eyes.

   Fourth, the light of the LED three-proof lamp is not soft, and it does not contain radiation in the light of the light. It does not contain ultraviolet or infrared light, and the general incandescent lamp has ultraviolet and infrared rays. The human eye is tired and brings unhealthy elements to the body. This is the benefit of the benefits of LED lights.

 Because LED lamps and lanterns in the market, the quality of the lamps is uneven, so many customers in the ***, the selection of things worthless, it is because there is no point in the quality of LED lamps. How to judge the quality of the lamps?

   1. Choose from the brand. Should choose *** or trademark with "R" is now registered enterprise products, LED lights look shiny and exquisite, product trademarks, types, specifications printed handwriting is clear and beautiful, there should be no deformation of paint, color inequality.

   2. When the LED light is turned on, the time difference between zeroing and two seconds between the power supply and the light is normal. Generally, the lamp is driven by a constant current source with an IC integrated circuit. Ok, the job is stable.

   3. Do not overheat or unevenly heat the lamp body during operation. If there is such a phenomenon, clarify that there is a problem in the planning or manufacturing process of the lamp, and the light decay is large and simple.

   4. If it is always allowed, you can compare the brightness of the two lamps with the same specification, then turn one of them one after another for one week, and then compare the brightness with the previous comparison lamp, if it is not significantly darkened. To clarify that the light decay is small and the quality of the lamp source is good.

   5. When the LED lamp is in operation, there are no high-power electrical appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters, etc., and there should be no bright and dark changes. If there is such a phenomenon, clarify that the LED lamp does not have constant current or constant voltage. This has a certain impact on the life of the lamp.

   Learn to judge the quality of LED lamps, choose better LED lamps, not only can save the cost of shopping mall replacement, but also better maintain the health of the eyes.