What is the LED three light?

Update:31 Jul 2019

Three lights is to point to: waterproof, dustproof, anticorrosion of the three. Special anti-oxidation corrosion materials and silica gel seal ring is used to realize the protection of lamps and lanterns


Three types of lamp: anti-dazzle is three lights, efficient mirror three lamp, fluorescent lamp.

LED is three light is energy saving, it belongs to the dc drive, power consumption is very low, under the same lighting effect, LED

Three lights than the traditional light source energy saving more than eighty percent at least. Three main is above T5 lamp and lamp, T8 is three lights

Three types of lamps and lanterns of LED three light. Three lamp belongs to the ordinary sunlight is three lights, applications more widely than the other two types of lamps and lanterns, and universal

Through general fluorescent lamp, LED three light is equivalent to a modified anti-corrosion of T8 lamp, just some different wiring, without ballast

Device is installed directly the same specifications of the LED fluorescent lamp.