What does ip65 waterproof grade mean?

Update:26 Oct 2019

Cixi Jifu Lighting Electric Co., Ltd is famous in manufacturing IP65 waterproof tri-proof light.Now let's see what does ip65 waterproof grade mean?

IP is the code for the degree of protection of the electrical equipment enclosure, I represents the level of protection against the entry of solid foreign objects, the highest level is 6; P represents the level of prevention of water intake, the highest level is 8.

The ip65 waterproof rating means that the electrical equipment enclosure protects against solid foreign objects by a level of 6 and a waterproof rating of 5.

Basic meaning:

In this standard, for the protection of foreign objects in the electrical equipment casing, the IP rating is IPXX, where XX is two Arabic numerals, the first number indicates the contact protection and the foreign object protection level, and the second number indicates the waterproof protection level. For specific protection levels, please refer to the table below.

IP is the code used by the international to determine the degree of protection. The Ip level consists of two numbers. The first number indicates dust protection; the second number indicates waterproof. The higher the number, the better the protection level.

Dust rating (represented by the first X)

0: no protection

1: Prevent large solid intrusion

2: Prevent medium-sized solids from invading

3: Prevent small solid intrusion

4: Prevent solids greater than 1mm from entering

5: Prevent harmful dust accumulation

6: Completely prevent dust from entering

Waterproof rating (second X)

0: no protection

1: Drops of water dripping into the casing have no effect

2: Water or rain drops from the 15 degree angle to the outer casing without affecting

3: Water or rain drops from the 60 degree angle to the outer casing without affecting

4: No impact on water at any angle

5: Low pressure injection at any angle has no effect

6: High pressure jet water has no effect

7: It can withstand water in a short time (15cm-1m, within half an hour)

8: Soaking water for a long time under a certain pressure