What are the purchase skills of LED waterproof lamp

Update:12 Jun 2020

One of the main points of the LED waterproof lamp tube as the name suggests is waterproof. With the rapid development of LED lighting, the LED waterproof lamp on the market is "dazzling". So, how do we choose a good LED as a refrigerator lamp and a freezer lamp? How to use? The following 100% lighting will introduce some tips for you.

1. Look at the materials used in the outer shell of the lamp body: the quality of the outer shell determines the quality of the lamp and the aging ability of the outer shell. The good quality outer shell has a long service life and good light penetration. The shell material with poor quality is easy to aging in the process of high and low temperature change back and forth.

2. Look at the lamp design: The integrated design is more conducive to the overall sealing of the lamp body, so that its internal parts are isolated from the water vapor in the air, and the water vapor is isolated from the lamp body. The integrated structure makes the waterproof lamp more robust and increases its durability.

3. Look at the sealing of the interface: fine workmanship is good sealing performance, there are high-quality waterproof rubber ring, and will not loose and seepage phenomenon after long-term use. Protect the internal parts of the lamp body from being damaged and eroded by water vapor to ensure the life of the lamp.

JF9 IP65 Tri-proof light

4. Look at the IP protection value of the waterproof grade: The waterproof grade is the most intuitive reference standard for whether the waterproof lamps have superior waterproof characteristics. Generally, waterproof lamps will have a waterproof grade IP value.

5. Another important indicator is: the choice of heat dissipation material inside the lamp and the heat dissipation design. The quality of the heat dissipation material and the design are good, the heat dissipation performance of the lamp is good, and the heat dissipation of the lamp is directly related to the life of the lamp. If the heat dissipation problem cannot be solved well, if it is used inside a freezer or a cold storage, it will also affect the cooling effect of the freezer and cause the electrical energy to be wasted.