How to choose a suitable LED waterproof tube

Update:19 Jun 2020

LED technology is maturing, LED lighting is gradually replacing the original traditional lamps with its absolute advantages, and now the application of waterproof technology also makes LED lamps have a wider range of applications, such as LED street lights, LED landscape lights, LED flood lights and other outdoor Lighting fixtures, such as refrigerator lighting, freezer lighting, underwater lighting, bathroom lighting and other humid environment lighting. So when we buy LED waterproof lamp, how to choose a cost-effective LED waterproof lamp?

We have to look at the product itself. Sometimes, although niche suppliers do not have the reputation of big brands, the products they produce are unique, that is to say, they may focus on one or two products, and the products show a specialization. , Its quality is very good, and the price is relatively more cost-effective than brand-name businesses.

JF8 IP65 Tri-proof light

We want to screen the waterproof lamp produced by it:
1. For the waterproof lamp, look at the production and testing process, so that you can have a certain understanding of the quality and professionalism of the lamp.
2. Look at the detailed interface of its waterproof lamp tube. The detailed interface of the waterproof lamp tube is the best reflection of the quality of this product and the durability of subsequent use, such as the stability of the waterproof rubber ring at the interface and the details of the sealant. .
3. Look at the materials used on the outer layer of the lamp. The quality of the material determines the quality of the lamp and the aging ability of the shell. The poor quality of the shell material. The lamp is prone to aging in the process of high and low temperature change back and forth.
4. Another most important index is the selection of internal heat dissipation materials and heat dissipation design, because the quality of heat dissipation performance directly determines the life of the waterproof lamp.