Waterproof lamp manufacturers-the characteristics of high quality LED waterproof lamp

Update:17 Jul 2020

1. LED waterproof light tube, high brightness color rendering index, soft light, easy installation, appearance, size is the same as traditional integrated bracket, can be directly replaced by traditional integrated bracket;
2. The radiator adopts high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material to ensure that the product can effectively dissipate heat, ensure the stability and long life of the product, and have an exquisite and beautiful appearance;
3. Energy saving and environmental protection, high efficiency, low carbon, no UV, no light.
4. Using LED light source, long life, low power consumption, durable

Dustproof Triproof Led Linear Light

5. Amorphous, odorless, non-toxic, highly transparent PC thermoplastic engineering plastics, which has excellent physical and mechanical properties, can be used for a long time at low temperatures.
6. The circuit board adopts a full glass fiber circuit board with low water absorption and good moisture resistance, with a thickness of 1.2mm, fast heat dissipation and not easy to break.
7. The structure of the lamp body is made of waterproof stainless steel screws, the inside is filled with excellent performance sealant, and the outer layer is wrapped with a waterproof silicone sleeve. The double layer is waterproof and the protection level reaches IP67. It can meet the requirements of general outdoor and freezer.