Specific properties of waterproof light tube

Update:10 Jul 2020

1. Specifications: mainly 1*28w, 14w, 2*28w, 14w.
2. Base: The base material is made of high quality flame retardant ABS plastic. The structure is strong, not easy to age, not easy to change color, and durable.
3. Face mask: The face mask material is made of high-quality flame retardant imported pc and ps plastics. The structure is firm, the thermal deformation coefficient is small, it is not easy to age, discolor, and durable.
4. The bottom plate of the appliance is made of 0.6mm thick, high-quality cold-rolled steel stamping. After basic treatment, it is electrostatically sprayed, which is not easy to rust. The bottom plate is milky white.

High Lumen Led Ceiling Light

5. Stripes are added to the mask to increase the diffuse reflection effect, thereby effectively suppressing glare.
6. Electric wire: It adopts single-core copper core wire with withstand voltage of 300/500v and cross-sectional area of 0.5 square millimeters. The product has passed 3c certification.
7. Lamp holder: The material is made of high quality flame retardant material, and the product has passed 3c certification.
8.Installation method: hanging or ceiling installation, according to the owner's requirements, provide installation accessories.
9. Waterproof and dustproof grade: ip65.