What are the characteristics of professional LED eye protection lights

Update:24 Jul 2020

Professional classroom lighting fixtures will use high-quality LED light sources, so we are collectively referred to as primary and secondary school LED classroom eye protection lights. This is a lamp specially designed for the lighting environment of school classrooms, so it has technical and professional pertinence, can overcome some of the shortcomings of traditional lighting lamps, and is more conducive to the care of students' vision health.

Moisture Ceiling  Linear Lighting Waterproof Led

Combining the above main parameter data, we can clarify the following characteristics of LED eye lights:
1. It is fully sealed, which can effectively prevent the entry of mosquitoes, dust, etc., and is easy to clean and take care of;
2. It has a spectral structure close to sunlight. The color temperature is set to 5000K which is consistent with the noon sunlight;
3. With polarized light design, it can be aimed at the local lighting of the blackboard;
4. Classroom lights and blackboard lights are designed to prevent blue light from harming and anti-glare, with high permeability, conform to optical principles and human visual effects.