Three main accessories of led lamps.

Update:13 Apr 2020

Many people like led lamps. They are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. They are also exquisite in shape and relatively brighter than incandescent lamps. Its three main accessories are as follows:

One, LED cross light

This accessory is one of the commonly used accessories in led lamps. It has a good heat dissipation effect, which can make the loss of light of the led lamps smaller and ensure the normal use of the led lamps.

Second, LED bulb light

This is a new type of light bulb, which is more widely used in people's lives. Its energy saving and environmental protection effects are better than incandescent lamps, and this light bulb can reduce environmental pollution to a certain extent, and the service life is also increased. A lot.


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Three, LED light-emitting diodes

LED light-emitting diode is also one of the commonly used accessories in LED lamps. It can convert electrical energy into light energy that people need. We see that LED lamps emit different colors of light, which is actually produced by LED light-emitting diodes. It is commonly used now. LED light emitting diodes mainly have three colors of red color light, green color light and yellow color light.