How do we maintain the LED waterproof lamp

Update:02 Jul 2020

Compared with traditional lamps, it has the advantages of energy saving, low carbon, long life, color rendering, fast response and so on. The LED waterproof light tube is more lightweight and richer in shape design, and can maintain the overall unity and perfection of architectural decoration during installation. In addition to providing a high-luminance lighting effect, the waterproof lamp can also prevent damage to the lamp to a certain extent in wet weather. It is a very cost-effective product.

1. Be sure to turn off the light before cleaning. The lampshade is best wiped gently with a clean cotton cloth. The light bulb should be removed and wiped. Also pay attention to the direction, do not tighten too tightly.

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2. When using the LED waterproof lamp daily, you cannot hang things or dry clothes on the lamp, nor can you frequently fiddle or switch, which will reduce the service life of the lamp.

3. When the LED waterproof tube is used for a long time, people should pay attention to observe whether the lamp is aging, whether the color of the tube has changed, etc., and replace it in time to avoid danger.