What is LED waterproof tube

Update:03 Apr 2020

It is a kind of lamp that can resist moisture and waterproof, he is LED waterproof lamp tube, LED waterproof lamp tube is simply a lamp with waterproof effect. Compared with ordinary lamps, it has the characteristics of low energy and environmental protection in addition to being waterproof. Its appearance is also relatively beautiful,

The LED waterproof lamp is a light fixture with the function of preventing water intrusion, such as anti-dripping, anti-splashing, anti-spraying, and anti-rainwater. Each decomposable part of the LED waterproof lamp tube (lamp head, switch, battery compartment cover, etc.) has a soft and elastic rubber ring. The rubber ring of excellent material plus reasonable design and excellent processing technology can even guarantee a waterproof depth of 1000 Feet above.

When diving, a safer way is to put a little grease on the rubber ring, which can seal more effectively. At the same time, the grease is also conducive to the maintenance of the rubber ring and avoids the aging caused by premature wear. After many years, the rubber ring is the most prone to aging on the LED waterproof lamp, and it should be replaced in time to ensure high reliability for outdoor use.