Three-proof light cooling method and how to choose

Update:06 Dec 2019

There are several ways to dissipate heat: natural convection cooling, forced cooling with fans, heat pipes and loop heat pipes. The installation of a forced cooling method of a fan has a complicated system and low reliability, and the cost of the heat pipe and loop heat pipe cooling method. The tri-proof lamp has the advantages of outdoor night use, the heat dissipation surface is located on the side, and the size is relatively small, which is conducive to the natural convection of the circulating fan air. Therefore, the tri-proof lamp should choose the natural convection cooling method to dissipate heat as much as possible.

The heat dissipation technology of the tri-proof lamp is mostly a heat-conducting plate. Generally, it is a piece of copper plate about 5mm thick. In fact, it is regarded as a uniform temperature plate, and then the heat source must be evenly cooled. It dissipates heat, but it is too heavy. Many rugged lamps now use a pin-shaped heat sink. This type of heat dissipation efficiency is greatly improved compared to traditional sheet heat sinks. It can make the LED junction temperature lower than the ordinary heat sink by about 15 ° C and waterproof. It is better than the radiator of ordinary aluminum profile, and it has also improved in weight and volume