The current advantages and disadvantages of LED lighting fixtures and other lighting fixtures.

Update:29 May 2020

LED outdoor lighting: advantages, long life, energy saving, and supporting industries. Advantages of energy-saving lamps: the price is moderate, and there are many application groups. Neon bulbs have advantages and low prices. LED disadvantages: heat dissipation needs to be improved, the price is on the high side. Energy-saving lamps: The light decay is serious, and it is usually dark after more than 2 years. Neon bulb: Super energy-saving, short life.

Led indoor lighting mainly uses the color of led lights to bring out a warm, harmonious and warm-wave atmosphere to reflect the comfortable and casual atmosphere. Led indoor lighting is mainly concentrated in commercial lighting, mainly decorated. Specialized stores, shopping malls, bars, cafes, etc. can use led indoor lighting to highlight the indoor business atmosphere to meet people's different psychological needs.

JFY  IP65 Tri-proof light

LED lighting is generally used for outdoor lighting because of its high efficiency and energy saving characteristics. Nowadays, led indoor lighting has gradually become the main choice of indoor lighting sources. With the advent of led, the traditional light source design methods and ideas have long been changed. At present, the application of led indoor lighting mainly focuses on decorative lighting The main commercial lighting field. Below, I will introduce the relevant information of led indoor lighting fixtures for everyone, so that everyone can have a more comprehensive understanding of led indoor lighting.