Points to note in the maintenance of LED lamps:

Update:12 Sep 2020

1. Bai When using lamps, try not to switch frequently. Although the number of times of switching of LED lamps is about 18 times that of ordinary fluorescent lamps, too frequent will still affect the life of the internal electronic components of the LED lamp, thereby affecting the life of the lamp.

2. Special attention should be paid to that, except for special LED lamps, ordinary LED lamps should be avoided in humid environments. , Humid environment will affect the electronic components of the LED lamp driving power supply, electronic components are damp, and the lamp life is shortened

3. Moisture-proof is the key to maintenance of lighting, especially for LED lights in toilets and bathrooms, and stove headlights in kitchens. Moisture-proof lampshades must be installed to prevent moisture intrusion and avoid rust damage or leakage short circuits.

4. It is best not to clean the LED light with water, just wipe it with a dry cloth dampened with water. If you accidentally touch the water, try to wipe it dry as much as possible. Do not wipe it with a wet cloth immediately after turning on the light.