Relevant regulations for the correct installation of led street lights

Update:27 Sep 2020

In the process of installing led street lights, the standardized installation method is the prerequisite to ensure our correct use. Below, our Jiangsu Hengyuan Lighting will introduce you to the specifications that need to be paid attention to for the correct installation of led street lights.

First of all, the installation height (from the light source to the ground), elevation angle, and installation direction of the led street lights on the same road should be consistent. The size of the excavation of the foundation pit should meet the design requirements, the strength grade of the foundation concrete should not be lower than C20, and the cable protection tube in the foundation should pass through the center of the foundation and exceed the foundation plane by 30-50mm. The water in the pit must be drained before pouring the reinforced concrete foundation. The metal components such as lamp poles, lamp arms, hoops, bolts, and pressing plates used in the installation of led street lamps should be hot-dip galvanized, and the anti-corrosion quality should meet the relevant provisions of the current national standards.

The longitudinal centerline of the led luminaire installation and the longitudinal centerline of the lamp arm should be consistent, the horizontal horizontal line of the luminaire should be parallel to the ground, and there should be no tilt after tightening. The led lamp holder is firmly fixed, the adjustable lamp holder should be adjusted to the correct position according to the design, and the lamp holder wiring should meet the regulations. There should be no joints in the LED street lamp lamp arm, lamp panel, and lamp pole. The threading hole or nozzle should be smooth and free of burrs. Insulating sleeve or bandage should be used. The bandage length should not be less than 200mm. All kinds of nuts should be fastened with gaskets and spring washers. The nut shall not be less than two pitches after tightening.

The above is the specification for the correct installation of led street lights. If you have any questions, you are welcome to inquire. We will continue to update more related instructions for you. You can follow our website for more information.